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Looking to buy

[Glory of the Pandaria Raider] -10 or 25 man


Would like a ToT clear and a chance a weapon (maybe when you get to point no one needs agil staff/polearm I can come in for that boss and buy weap if it drops)


Heroic Sha 10 or 25 for title



Just name prices and I would love to get it done

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Can you please lmk if a there is any chance to buy these type of things from Temerity if not I can try to find another seller...tyvm

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Just wanted to post to let you know you aren't being ignored =p


Basically, what Vulgrym had previously posted likely still holds true:


Just wanted to comment on the ToT and Sha clears - since we're in full progression mode, it's not likely we'll be able to assemble for those any time soon.


It's possible that one of our members would be willing to spear head the Glory run, but the lack of responses suggest that there may currently be little interest in that as well. Things definitely open up for these sale runs after progression, but right now it's tough for a lot of us to make time for additional things like this. I'm sure we would happy to get these done, it's mostly just a matter of timing =(

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