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WTS Alani kill/mount

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Hello guys, I currently have a sky crystal and will invite you into group and pass on mount. I ask 125K in trade and have sold 2 to Temerity folds for 100k and 83k...I would be LF 85k, if anyone is interested let me know. My guild/family has been farming the shards since MoP came out and I normally have enough shards to sell a mount about every 10 days so if you would like to purchase one , please post here and we can setup a time. I also have several 496 pieces I crafted I would be willing to sell for a reasonable cost to the guild..


496 Leather Agil Chest x2 60k each

496 Leather caster Gloves 45k

496 Leather Caster Chest 60k



You can try to message me ingame however I share my account with my son so I might not be on, in game mail or post here if interested. Paisley can vouch the mounts are legit.

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