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  1. Any update fine sir? This weekend would be great
  2. Bought one of you guys several months ago, went fast and easy. Would like to buy another for my DK...should not take much more then a HR...willing to pay around 70k...hit me up in game
  3. Hello, I know you will be working on progression but when you have time I would like to buy the following...10 man or 25 is fine..I am decently geared (540) and will be able to carry my own as tank or dps if we go as 10 man with alts etc. Garrosh Reg kill -( I collect mounts/would like wolf for cheve, prefer to buy this early/earlier in expansion) Garrosh HM Kill/Mount ( I know this will be awhile away but when you start selling these I would be game) Glory of Panda Raider Glory of the Thundering Raider Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider please reply here or hit me up ingame on my druid Airmankv
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    When you guys get time I am LF [Glory of the Pandaria Raider] -10 or 25 man Heroic Sha 10 or 25 for title Lei Shen kill (pref before 5.4) Ra-Den Kill (pref before 5.4) Just name prices and I would love to get it done
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    Sounds good, Ill check back weekly and see if anything changes....
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    Can you please lmk if a there is any chance to buy these type of things from Temerity if not I can try to find another seller...tyvm
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    Hello, Looking to buy [Glory of the Pandaria Raider] -10 or 25 man Would like a ToT clear and a chance a weapon (maybe when you get to point no one needs agil staff/polearm I can come in for that boss and buy weap if it drops) Heroic Sha 10 or 25 for title Just name prices and I would love to get it done
  8. I was extremely pleased with the sale your guys are amazing, full gold clear in slightly over 2hrs. Also you might be able to package the gold run sale with the sale of thundering jade mount. If you wear a guild tabard all 9 clears are just enough to get exalted. I am still interested in Glory clears (mounts) for both Panda tiers and a heroic Sha and a ToT clear if those open before a Glory run. And I am sure Adora can attest I am a good tipper:D
  9. Sounds great Ill get on druid around 5ST and will be ready w/e everyone is on.
  10. I would also like to join the guild for the runs and purchase the thundering jade serpent once exalted. I would pay an additional 100k for this and leave guild once I am exalted , if this sounds good let me know before we pull.
  11. Sounds good , I have mumble ready. Sat 7ST Ill be there.
  12. Any of those work for me, lets start on Friday I should be able to get on around 6pm PST but can start later if needed and if we need the weekend we will have it?
  13. And no the time (other then to get gold) does not matter. Just want gear/mount.
  14. Thanks for the quick and informative responses. I have seen full gold clears go for 100-133k , I would offer 150k because I would like to establish a good relationship with you guys as I intend to buy several things in the future. At this time I can not raid due to work but would still like to keep my account current until I can raid HM again. I still have several gold caps and think we can have a mutually beneficial relationship.
  15. I would like to buy the following and will pay well Full Gold Challange 5 man clear- I would take my druid as mDPS and would like 4 temerity, I will not slow u down and can do the dps needed- 150k (37.5k each for the 4 that run me, doable in 2-3 hrs) Full ToT Clear -let me know a price Heroic Sha Clear - let me know I will also be up for buying glory runs when you start selling. Please reply here..the 5 man challenge modes would be best if we could do on a weekend or any week day after 6pm PST
  16. Hello guys, I currently have a sky crystal and will invite you into group and pass on mount. I ask 125K in trade and have sold 2 to Temerity folds for 100k and 83k...I would be LF 85k, if anyone is interested let me know. My guild/family has been farming the shards since MoP came out and I normally have enough shards to sell a mount about every 10 days so if you would like to purchase one , please post here and we can setup a time. I also have several 496 pieces I crafted I would be willing to sell for a reasonable cost to the guild.. 496 Leather Agil Chest x2 60k each 496 Leather caster Gloves 45k 496 Leather Caster Chest 60k You can try to message me ingame however I share my account with my son so I might not be on, in game mail or post here if interested. Paisley can vouch the mounts are legit.