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  1. Hi Geers, Yep, we're good for this week! See you soon, Valen
  2. Hi Geers, It was good talking to you today. As discussed, I'm posting here to confirm the details: Full SoO clear, with Garrosh mount on March 12th/March 13th, 7:45PM-11:30PM PST. Let me or any officer know when you're on-server and we can guild you. We require a 50% deposit once you're on server, with the remainder due when raid begins. As we get closer to your raid, I'll post a spreadsheet of all loot in the instance and you can fill out the items you may want. It definitely is good to have as many bonus loot coins available as well, of course, as drops aren't guaranteed, and some select Warforged items are reserved for raiders who still need them. We'll use the spreadsheet to make raid move faster and ensure you get as many of the items you want as possible! Feel free to contact me via Real ID or here anytime. If I'm not available, Frozen (Frozendekay#1872) can help you as well. Thanks again, Valen
  3. Heya Geers! I believe we have an opening for this upcoming week; if not this week, then certainly the week after. Let me confirm and I will sync up with you either here in the forums or tonight via real ID once I'm home. From there we can work out details. Best, Valen
  4. Hi Airman, Sure, we can do that. I'll toss you an invite in-game. Valen
  5. Hi Airman, To reiterate Vulg's point, we're not actively yet selling the raid achievements. We might in the future, though; I'll see if we can arrange an off-night sales run, perhaps. @Paisley or I will get back to you in a few days. Meanwhile, @Kihra may be interested in the Challenge Mode opportunity. Thanks! Valen